Our Next Pathways Gathering

Sept. 24th, 5 PM

Beyond Disbelief: The New Frontier

Here’s a question I’ve been pondering: How do I reconcile myself to the stark reality that I no longer hold certain views and beliefs I once considered foundational and held as sacrosanct?

Examining our biases (religious and political) and acknowledging the dissonance that result can illumine a path of “disbelief” that can offer us something more.

For those who can join us Sunday, I’ll elaborate what i’m talking about, and invite your thoughts in response!

MEANWHILE, and last minute!

Our partnership with T.I.E. (Trust in Education) — our friend Budd MacKenzie’s Lafayette-based program to Afghan students has its Fall collection of warm, clean clothes, blankets, etc. this Saturday. DROP OFF any donations you may have at our house by 10 AM Saturday morning and we’ll deliver it (or up until noon at the United Methodist Church in Lafayette, 955 Moraga Road).

Always a free event, open to everyone, but please RSVP: jb@wordsnways.com  Newcomers always welcome.  

Location: Bennison Residence – 2311 Walnut Blvd. Walnut Creek

A Calendar of 2017 Gathering Dates is here.